To The Stars To The Stars


Graphics made by in Clip Studio Paint and Photopea, any gifs I made were made using Ezgif.

The picture of Harlock in the header image is source from this particular article.

Fonts found on Google fonts. The fonts used are Noto Serif Display and Red Hat Text. I also used Coolors, Transparent Textures, this w3schools tutorial to help with the mobile friendly header image, and CSS Bud's Text shadow and underline generators.

This Stack Overflow answer was quite useful, and helped me. Thought it was worth linking as well. Word to HMTL has been very helpful as well.

With accessibility and web standards, I used the WAVE tool and the W3 HTML and CSS validators, as well as the Accessible color palette builder.

This shrine was coded by myself in Brackets, and is hosted on Neocities currently.