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Welcome to To The Stars! A simple shrine dedicated to the Captain Harlock that is portrayed by Ryosuke Miura of Kamen Rider OOO fame in 銀河鉄道999 THE MUSICAL. A musical that ran from April 8th to the 18th in Tokyo's Nippon Seinen-kan Hall in 2022.

This is a musical I haven't seen (yet, hopefully one day this will change! Either via a DVD coming out or other means.) Ever since this musical had it's run back in April this year, this Harlock has been stuck in my mind ever since, latching itself onto my brain and not letting go.

Whats the best way to express an interest in a thing, even if you haven't seen it (yet, again, hopefully)? Make a webshrine of course! So I'm going to do that. It'll be a simple, small, and humble shrine. I haven't seen the musical and my overall Japanese skills still aren't robust enough to really understand all the clips outside of a few words and lines... but this shrine will be full of love regardless.

Oh and a tad of thirst too. I'll keep it tame though. :P

If I ever get more information about this musical, see a full recording of it, when I get more familiar with Miura's body of work, etc, I will update this shrine with more pages.

I hope you enjoy what this shrine has to offer!

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To The StarsTo The Stars

Last Updated: 6/27/2022

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